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Latest news from the Cochrane Agenda and Priority Setting Methods Group

The Cochrane Agenda and Priority Setting Methods Group is happy to announce the launch of its website, now available at (with thanks to the great work of Reshma Carlo, the Group's new administrator).

The Group has also recently conducted four webinars on research priority setting methods that will be available soon on the Group and Canadian Cochrane Centre websites:

The Group is also delighted to announce that Ed Wilson (University of East Anglia) has agreed to join as a Co-Convenor. Ed is a health economist with a particular interest in efficient research design, and is also a member of the Campbell and Cochrane Economics Methods Group. He will help with developing quantitative approaches to research priority setting.

Unfortunately, the Group has also lost a friend, colleague and Co-Convenor. Alessandro Liberati was a great and inspiring colleague and the Group intends to ensure that his work and ideas are continued. He wrote an inspirational article in The Lancet on research priority setting and patient involvement, which is available at

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