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Sense about Science announces +AllTrials campaign launch and petition

The UK organisation Sense about Science announced a campaign 9 January 2013 to raise public awareness about the issue of unreported clinical trial data and to call on responsible bodies to ensure that all trials past and present, for all treatments, are registered; and that the full methods and the results are reported. The campaign is an initiative of Sense About Science, Bad Science, BMJ, the James Lind Initiative, and the Centre for Evidence-based Medicine, among others, and is supported by patient groups, clinicians, and researchers in the UK and across the world.

David Tovey, Editor in Chief of The Cochrane Library, endorsing the campaign, writes: “Realism is hugely important in medicine and one of the building blocks of trust between health professionals and the public. Realism depends on researchers, professionals and the public having access to the full picture from all relevant trials. The Cochrane Collaboration conducts systematic reviews to inform decision making, but the process is undermined if our researchers can only access a fraction of the information required.”

The Cochrane Collaboration fully supports this initiative, and encourages all Cochrane contributors, wherever they are based, to sign the petition at the link listed below and share information about the campaign.

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