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Cochrane Response – Working with Cochrane Review Groups

The Steering Group has recently approved the creation of a consultancy service to work together with Cochrane Review Groups and Centres to provide a timely response to requests for commissioned evidence reviews and tailored evidence services. Our main objective is to provide a mechanism for Cochrane Review Groups and Cochrane Centres to increase their capacity to respond to requests for commissioned evidence reviews; increasing both the number and types of reviews commissioned across Cochrane, and extending the types of commissioning contracts Cochrane can commit to.

To ensure that Cochrane Response does not compete with Review Groups for funding and work we are proposing the following commissioning model:

1)    Cochrane Groups will have the Right of First Refusal (ROFR) on all commissioning requests for systematic reviews received by Cochrane Response.

2)    Under this approach all requests for commissioned reviews received directly by Cochrane Response or identified by Cochrane Response through tender or grant funding websites will be shared with the relevant Cochrane Review Group.

3)    Where the Review Group can commit to the commission in terms of capacity, expertise and delivery schedule then the opportunity will be taken forward directly by the Cochrane Review Group.


There is an opportunity to work together on projects that Review Groups are not able to commit to within their existing teams and structures, or are already outsourcing to commercial providers, whether this is due to capacity problems, short-term scheduling problems, or lack of access to specific areas of expertise.

Cochrane Response will provide the mechanism and opportunity for Cochrane to take on and consider more commissioned work by providing the following systematic review services to support Cochrane Groups:

1)    Task-based systematic review services and technical support, to help with discrete parts of the evidence synthesis and systematic review process.

2)    Project management services for larger projects that may include multiple reviews or co-ordination of work across different review teams or multiple experts.

3)    Customer relationship management to provide customer support and communication with commissioners throughout the project.

4)    Support with tender submissions and proposals.


For all Cochrane Response work we want the subject matter expertise and specialist methodology expertise to come from Cochrane’s network of experts, provided on a paid consultancy basis.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Cochrane, any profits from Cochrane Innovations and Cochrane Response are returned to Cochrane to supports its future financial sustainability and continued focus on Cochrane Reviews to promote evidence-informed health decision-making.

If you want more detail on how Cochrane Response can support your work, have any specific queries or concerns you want to raise, or start discussions about how we can formalise the relationship between Review Groups and Cochrane Response, please contact Charlotte Pestridge at or Karla Soares-Weiser at

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