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Coming soon: Cochrane Crowd

We are very excited to announce that Cochrane Crowd, Cochrane’s new citizen science platform, is coming soon. Cochrane Crowd contributors will help identify the research we need to produce quality health evidence.



Cochrane Crowd will build on the successful work of the Embase project, where contributors screened over 250,000 records and helped identify almost 19,000 reports of randomized trials.


What tasks?

Cochrane Crowd will offer a range of ‘micro’ tasks, aimed at identifying and describing the evidence.


The first phase of Cochrane Crowd will be launched with the RCT identification task ready to go. Additional tasks to be rolled out during 2016 include DTA identification and RCT description tasks.


What new features?

For those familiar with the Embase project, we are introducing the some significant enhancements to Cochrane Crowd, including:

 When can I sign up?

We are on track to launch the beta platform of Cochrane Crowd during March. We’ll be rolling it out in two stages. Stage one will involve moving the current Embase project contributors across. Then, for stage two, as soon as we’re confident that all is working as it should do, we’ll formally announce it to the wider Cochrane community.


We hope you’ll like it as much as we do, and that you’ll sign up once we’re live.


Anna Noel-Storr


On behalf of the Embase project team and Project Transform.

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