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Topic list for Cochrane Complementary Medicine Field related reviews on

posted on: 2011-06-06 19:55

The Cochrane Complementary Medicine (CAM) Field published a paper in the Mar/Apr 2011 issue of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, describing the development and classification of an operational definition of CAM for The Cochrane Collaboration (i.e. a CAM Field “topics list”). This paper discusses the challenges in developing the topics list, including developing a detailed, explicit, and reproducible operational definition of what is CAM, applying the operational definition to identify relevant Cochrane Reviews, developing the structured list of CAM therapy-specific topic categories, and determining where the Cochrane Reviews should be placed in the topic list categories. The development of the CAM Field topics list has been valuable in allowing the CAM Field to reproducibly and consistently classify Cochrane Reviews as CAM/not CAM, and thereby reliably track the number of CAM-related Cochrane Reviews.

The placement of this list on the website (, and the multiple options for viewing the list of reviews, are designed to allow persons interested in Cochrane evidence on CAM to identify and access the evidence that is of interest to them. The CAM Field is pleased to note that the 'Research' webpage ( as well as the 'Resources for Health Care Providers' webpage ( of the NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine website both link to the CAM Field topics list, and the CAM Field topics list is the first resource listed on the NCCAM 'Research Results' webpage (, as this further facilitates CAM researchers and providers accessing the findings from CAM-related Cochrane Reviews. We have found the CAM Field topics list to be very valuable, particularly in promoting and marketing Cochrane CAM-related Reviews, and facilitating the accessibility of these reviews.  For more information on the CAM Field topics list or the paper describing the development of the CAM Field topics list, please contact Susan Wieland at

Susan Wieland
Complementary Medicine Field

Eric Manheimer
Complementary Medicine Field


Re: Topic list for Cochrane Complementary Medicine Field ...

Really interesting resources about Cochrane Complementary Medicine

Thanks for this, I was looking for it :)


Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Please confirm if you publish Case Reports under Complementary & Alternative Medicine or CAM? 

Do these reports need to have been published in a peer reviewed journal previously?

Re: Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Response from Susan Wieland:

"If your question is about the topics list of Cochrane Reviews, the topics list is only linked to Cochrane systematic reviews on CAM interventions. We also collect reports of controlled trials of CAM interventions for publication in the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL). We do not collect case reports, as they are not controlled trials and therefore are not appropriate for publication in CENTRAL."

Please let us know if this response raises any additional questions.

Re: Topic list for Cochrane Complementary Medicine Field ...

How many CAM-related Cochrane reviews have been conducted to-date (june 2013)

Re: Topic list for Cochrane Complementary Medicine Field ...

The 'Browse by topic' list available on the homepage of The Cochrane Library includes a link for 'Complementary and alternative medicine' with a list of relevant items. Please look there for more information.

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