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What is Cochrane?

Cochrane Strategy to 2020

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Screenshot Anniversary website

Videos from Cochrane's 20th Anniversary (2013) website
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An introduction to Cochrane in the voices of some of its members in 2007
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Hear Cochrane contributors and staff discuss Cochrane's work and impact, in a series of 2006 interviews watch Watch
A nine-minute video featuring members of the Cochrane Consumer Network describing how they work together and contribute to improve health care in communities around the world.
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The Effect of Lay Health Worker Programmes on Mother and Child Health and Tuberculosis

This summary of evidence about the effect of lay health worker programmes (on mother and child health and tuberculosis) is derived from a Cochrane Review published in 2010. This video builds on a 7-page SUPPORT Summary of the same review, prepared for health policy makers in low and middle-income countries.
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Consumers United for Evidence-based Health Care (2011)

Members and friends of Consumers United for Evidence-based Healthcare (CUE) describe CUE and invite groups to join their national coalition of health and consumer advocacy organizations committed to empowering consumers to make the best use of evidence-based healthcare (EBHC).
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Consumers United for Evidence-based Health Care (2007)

A six-minute video featuring members of the Consumers United for Evidence-based Health Care (CUE), a U.S.-based coalition, which highlights the role of consumers in promoting evidence-based health care.
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