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Cochrane Mid-Year Meeting - Oxford 2013

The Cochrane Collaboration’s Mid-Year Meeting (so called because it falls midway between annual Colloquia) is held in March or April each year. Organised on a smaller scale than the annual Colloquia, the Mid-Year Meeting provides an opportunity for face-to-face meetings of the Collaboration’s Steering Group, Centre Directors, Entity Executives and other groups responsible for helping to formulate and implement Cochrane policy. Mid-Year Meetings are organised and hosted by Cochrane Centres in turn, and are planned in conjunction with a symposium focusing on one or more EBM topics of interest to the local healthcare community. This provides an opportunity for interaction and information sharing between Cochrane contributors and regional healthcare constituencies around the world.Summertown Pavilion Oxford

The 2013 Mid-Year Meeting, organised this year by the UK Cochrane Centre, took place in Oxford from 17 to 21 March. The schedule included a full roster of Cochrane meetings, alongside a two-day scientific symposium on 20-21 March, on the topic of ‘Glancing backward – moving ahead’.

Mark Wilson, the Collaboration’s new CEO, led a strategic session on 20 March, focusing on mapping and analysing The Cochrane Collaboration’s existing strategic framework, and beginning work on developing a new strategic plan in 2013. The resulting framework will inform the direction of The Cochrane Collaboration’s work to 2020. To facilitate input to this session from people who were not able to attend the Mid-Year Meeting, comments and questions on the background paper or any other aspect of the topic may be submitted via Twitter.

To post and track news on Twitter relevant to the Mid-Year Meeting, please use the hashtag #cochraneoxford. To post and track news on Twitter particular to the strategic session, please use the #cochraneoxford hashtag, in combination with the hashtag #stratsession.

We invite you to tweet anytime during the week of the meeting and the weeks following using the above hashtags. The strategic session took place on Wednesday morning (UTC), so please tweet strategic session-related tweets using both #cochraneoxford #stratsession. Your input is important!

This page will be updated as relevant before, during and following the meeting.

Cochrane 2013 Mid-Year Meeting
16-22 March 2013
Said Business School
Park End Street, Oxford

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