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Webliography of resources for evidence-based health care

This webliography presents a selection of print and online resources for evidence-based health care and medicine. Please use the navigation on the left to navigate these resources.

Webliography of EbM ResourcesBooks, articles & online resources sorted by specialty

Databases offering online access to medical evidence

Journals dedicated to evidence-based health care

Medical news reviews providing assessments of the accuracy and quality of medical news reporting

Patient resources offering access to evidence summaries, decision aids, and more

Tutorials & tools for evidence-based health research and decision-making

Social media resources to stay informed: blogs, podcasts, and more

The recommendations for books, articles and online resources are browseable by speciality, such as epidemiology, statistics, literature appraisal, reporting guidelines, and more. The other resources, such as databases and journals, are listed alphabetically.

These listings do not aim to be comprehensive, but they are updated regularly and suggestions and feedback are welcome at


Cochrane Collaboration Disclaimer about external links

Views expressed on the websites and resources listed on this page are not necessarily shared by the Cochrane Collaboration. The "quality" of information presented online by these websites can vary, and is in no way endorsed or recommended by the Cochrane Collaboration. This page is intended simply as a starting point for readers to do their own searching and reading about the topic of Evidence-Based Medicine.

While "evidence" can be essential in evaluating effectiveness of healthcare interventions, well-informed decisions also require information, and judgments about needs, resources and values; as well as judgments about the quality and applicability of evidence. Relying only on evidence about the effects of health care alone can be inappropriate. Care and compassion are vital, and understanding the nature and basis of disease and the way that interventions work remains important. The Cochrane Collaboration is not responsible for the results of decisions based on information found in sources listed on this page.

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