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The Campbell Collaboration

The Campbell Collaboration (named after Donald Campbell, an American psychologist and thinker), a sibling organisation to Cochrane, which prepares, maintains and promotes the accessibility of systematic reviews in areas such as education, criminal justice, social policy and social care.

An exploratory meeting convened under the aegis of the School of Public Policy at University College London was held in London in July 1999. The meeting was attended by several contributors to The Cochrane Collaboration, and resulted in the establishment of an international steering group for the Campbell Collaboration.

At Cochrane-Campbell meetings at the Rome Colloquium, support in principle was expressed for joint Cochrane-Campbell Methods Groups.

General information about The Campbell Collaboration, a report of the July 1999 exploratory meeting in London and further background papers can be found at the following site:

The Campbell Collaboration was formally established at a meeting at the University of Pennsylvania on 24-25 February 2000.

In 2010, the first-ever Joint Colloquium of The Cochrane and Cambell Collaborations was held in Keystone, Colorado, USA.

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