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Discretionary Fund

In October 2000, the Cochrane Collaboration Steering Group decided to allocate monies to set up a small discretionary fund. This was initially limited to a total expenditure of £10,000 per year, with a ceiling of £2000 to any one applicant. At its meeting in Barcelona in October 2003, the Steering Group raised the total expenditure to £15,000 per year, with a ceiling of £3000 to any one applicant. At its meeting in Denmark in April 2009, the Steering Group agreed to raise the limit on any one application from £3000 to £5000, keeping the overall limit at £15,000 per annum, and at its meeting in June 2013 (with effect from 1 April 2013), the Steering Group raised the total expenditure to £20,000 per year with a ceiling of £5000 to any one applicant. The size and nature of the Discretionary Fund will be re-assessed in 2015-16.

Cochrane members are eligible to apply for small amounts of funds to facilitate important activities within the organisation. Applications will only be accepted from the person or people responsible for a particular registered group, and Convenors of the Steering Group’s advisory committees. Members, units and departments within the Central Executive are not eligible to apply to the Discretionary Fund.

For more information, how to apply and what has been funded in the past, see the Cochrane Organisational Policy Manual section on the Discretionary Fund.

Cochrane Collaboration Discretionary Fund:
Expenditure to date (by financial year 1 April to 31 March)




Purpose of application

 April 2013


Prognosis Methods Group 

Employment of a Project Manager to support the publication of three exemplar Cochrane Reviews 

 May 2013


 Archie Development Advisory Committee

 ADAC Co-Convenors' attendance at technology symposium, and ADAC members' meeting Quebec Colloquium, September 2013

June 2013 


Australasian Cochrane Centre 

 Review Exchange

Total to date in 2013/14 




May 2012


Dementia and Cognitive Improvement Group

Development of a consumer-friendly management interface to complement a mobile app to simplify screening as part of a systematic review

June 2012


RevMan Advisory Committee

Meeting in Auckland, New Zealand
on 29 September 2012

June 2012


RevMan Advisory Committee

Meeting at CEU, London, UK,
on 15 and 16 March 2013

November 2012


South African Cochrane Centre

African Contributors’ Meeting, May 2013

Total: 2012/13


 July 2011


Archie Development Advisory Committee 

ADAC meeting pre-Madrid Colloquium, Oct 11 

 August 2011


Nancy Owens and Jini Hetherington,
Cochrane Operations Unit (now the 'Central Executive Team')

Scoping exercise for social history of The Cochrane Collaboration

February 2012 


STI Group Satellite

Editors' training workshop, Bogota 

 Total: 2011/12


 June 2010


Cochrane Eyes
and Vision Group 

 Development of a guide for authors on
involving consumers in Cochrane Reviews

 September 2010


Studies Methods Group

 Travel costs to Ottawa for workshop leaders re 
non-randomised studies in systematic reviews

 February 2011


Comparing Multiple Interventions
Methods Group

Travel costs to Milan of
several meeting participants,
12-14 March 2011, to address the handling of
multiple interventions in Cochrane Reviews

Total: 2010/11 



August 2009


Australasian Cochrane Centre

Summaries on the management of burns

August 2009


Travel expenses of trainers (P Bossuyt, P Macaskill and T Stijnen) + conference calls

Trainers on DTA reviews course,
University of Birmingham, UK

November 2009


Bec Hanley

External review of the Cochrane Consumer Network (CCNet)

Total: 2009/10



November 2008


UK Cochrane Centre
(Thomas Clarke)

Analysis of content of Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, by CRG specialized register

Total: 2008/09 



April 2007



Colloquium Policy Advisory Group
(Jonathan Ipser)

Putting Colloquium abstracts
onto Collaboration website

December 2007 


Nigerian Effective Health Care Alliance

Nigerian Consumer Network meeting

February 2008



Colloquium Policy Advisory Group
(Jonathan Ipser)

Completing putting Colloquium abstracts
onto Collaboration website

Total: 2007/08 



October 2006


South African Cochrane Centre

Joint project with Cochrane Consumer Network

December 2006



Consumers and Communication Group

PCE editorial board

February 2007



South African Cochrane Centre

Exploratory meeting to establish
an African Cochrane Network

March 2007



Chinese Cochrane Centre

Traditional Chinese Medicine project

Total: 2006/07 



September 2005



The entities of the following Managing Editors: June Cody, Jane Cracknell, Tina Leonard, Ruth Mitchell, Megan Prictor, Narelle Willis

CRG Procedures Collection Working Party
(for provision of ‘good practice’
examples of editorial process

November 2005



South African Cochrane Centre

Evaluation of the HIV/AIDS Mentoring Programme

November 2005



Acute Respiratory Infections Group

Updating the evidence on interventions for avian ‘flu

November 2005



UK Cochrane Centre

Research project on
‘Implications for research’ in Cochrane reviews

January 2006



Colloquium Policy Advisory Group (Jonathan Ipser)

Pilot project to make Colloquium presentations available on the Collaboration website

March 2006



South African Cochrane Centre

Additional funds for evaluation of the HIV/AIDS Mentoring Programme.
(Note: Only applied for £1355 initially.)

March 2006



Statistical Methods Group

Dissemination of statistical and methodological expertise to individuals and entities in South and Central America and South Asia

March 2006 (claimed in May/June)


Co-ordinating Editors’ executive

Strategic planning session on prioritisation,
Khon Kaen, April 2006

March 2006



Argentinean branch of Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre

Global meeting to discuss free access to The Cochrane Library in Latin America

Total: 2005/06 



September 2004



Christian Medical College, Vellore

Exploratory meeting to establish a
South Asian Cochrane Network in India

Total: 2004/05



September 2003


Consumer Network

Contribution towards legal fees


February 2004



Acute Respiratory Infections Group

Dr Sreekumaran Nair’s attendance at
Statistics and Meta-Analysis in Cochrane Reviews course, Melbourne, and 
visit to ARI Group’s editorial base, Brisbane

March 2004



Canadian Cochrane Centre and Network

France Légaré’s expenses to attend the French-speaking network meeting in Paris, France

Total: 2003/04 



April 2002


Nordic Cochrane Centre

Testing of RevMan Analyses software
by the University of Liverpool

June 2002


Cancer Network

Legal fees to establish ‘AidCancer’

February 2003


Consumer Network

Laptop computer and mailing to all CN members

March 2003



Pregnancy and Childbirth Group

Evaluation of the work of the Pregnancy and Childbirth Group Consumer Panel

Total: 2002/03



May 2001


Statistical Methods Group

Statistical Issues course, Oxford, July 2001
(2nd instalment)

July 2001


French Cochrane Centre

Françoise Martin’s work for the Lyon Colloquium

Total: 2001/02



November 2000


Nordic Cochrane Centre

Printing RevMan 4.1

March 2001


Statistical Methods Group

Statistical Issues course, Oxford, July 2001
(1st instalment)

Total: 2000/01


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